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About the resort

Noirmont Mountain (1090m/1547m), located between the villages of Les Rousses and Bois d'Amont, is very sunny, with a superb view of Lake Les Rousses and the resort from its summit. Ever wanted to just relax, dream, and enjoy life?

Bring the whole family to our preserved natural environment nestled between peaks and valleys for a spectacular view upon the Mont Blanc!

Les Rousses Resort is made up of the four villages of Les Rousses, Lamoura, Prémanon and Bois d'Amont. This was the first French resort to be given the 'Flocon Vert' (Green Snowflake) certification. Its charm is derived from the beauty of its surrounding landscape and the protected nature within it.

Total length of ski slopes:
8,47 Km
Number of ski lifts:
Total number of ski slopes:
Green and blue slopes:
4,35 Km
Red slopes:
2,82 Km
Black slopes:
1,3 Km
Artificial Snow making:
Trail map:
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Group / Ski Area
Camping Site
4.3 Km
Altitude Difference
457 m
Nearest Airports