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We believe in a world where people could come together like a big family with the same passion in common.

We want to give people the chance to live those unforgettable moments that only fresh fallen snow can give us…

And that’s why we created the first European season ski pass, giving access to the biggest group of ski resorts in the world: SNOWPASS CARD!

Steve Jobs once said: “the only way to do a great work is to love what you do” and therefore, after lots of years of ski practice among friends, began.

Work hard. Play hard. is a technology company, composed by a multicultural team, from several areas of knowledge, that sums up decades of experience in e-Commerce, Big Data Analytics, Web Design and Digital Marketing.

These people, with a passion in common, came together to start a snow revolution, truly believing that snow should be easily available to everyone and working hard to make it possible to be just a click away.

A whole team working to make it easier for you to ski abroad.

Just because you deserve it!

Our Approaches

SNOWPASS CARD is the first European season ski pass, bringing together more than 100 ski resorts from 10 European countries, giving access to the biggest group of ski resorts in the world.

So many countries, hundreds of ski resorts, thousands of ski runs… All in the same place!


Wherever there is snow, there is… SNOWPASS CARD!


Our mission is to be the online platform that joins together ski resorts from all over Europe, through the same ski pass: SNOWPASS CARD!

We want to bring snow for everyone, everywhere, in the easiest way… just a click away!