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SNOWPASS Card is the first European season ski pass, bringing together more than 100 ski resorts from 12 European countries (Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, Belgium and Liechtenstein) giving the Snowpass Card access to the biggest group of ski resorts in the world.

The service corresponding to the SNOWPASS Card can be used at all the partner ski resorts or ski areas.

You can consult the partner ski resorts for the Ski Season 2019/2020 on The Partner Ski Resorts for the Ski Season 2020/2021 will be released soon so stay tuned!

The SNOWPASS CARD for the Ski Season 2019/2020 was valid for the entire period from 01/11/2019 to 25/04/2020, subject to the opening and closing dates of partner ski resorts.

The SNOWPASS CARD has a limit of 10 days use (consecutive or interpolated) at each partner ski resort or ski area, with no date restrictions.


Launching price - 395.00 EUROS

Official price - 895.00 EUROS


Launching price - 345.00 EUROS

Official price - 695.00 EUROS


Launching price - 49.00 EUROS

Official price - 49.00 EUROS

All prices listed above are quoted in Euros, or equivalent in local currency, with VAT included.

Baby: born between 2016-2019 (inclusive)

Child: born between 2007-2015 (inclusive)

Adult: born before 2006 (inclusive)

Each SNOWPASS CARD is personal and non-transferable. It may not be transferred, even free of charge, nor may it be altered. Its holder understands and accepts that any misuse, as well as use of a third party, will be punished and will result in withdrawal of the card, causing its immediate cancellation.

SNOWPASS was the Digital Partner 2019 of the International Ski Federation for digital marketing campaigns at an international level which involved close cooperation and a common advice in the area of the development of leisure practice of winter sports.