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Piano Battaglia


About the resort

Less than 50km from the azure waters of the Tyrrhenian and Norman Cefalù, three modern and efficient facilities take you to the top of Mount Mufara (m1865). A two-seater chairlift, a ski lift and a tapis roulant serve 5km of slopes:

“La Mollica”, black, approved for slalom competitions, recalls the slopes and sensations of the most famous blacks of the Alps. “Lo Sparviero”, red, allows you to admire the Etna volcano at a distance and ski inside a magical beech forest, “Lo Scoiattolo” (the Squirrel), blue, for all skiers and the Marmotta school camp. Surrounded by the charm of the medieval villages of the Madonie Natural Park.

Total length of ski slopes:
5 Km
Number of ski lifts:
Total number of ski slopes:
Green and blue slopes:
1 Km
Red slopes:
3 Km
Black slopes:
1 Km
Snowpark / Funpark:
Trail map:
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Camping Site
8.5 Km
Altitude Difference
275 m
Nearest Airports